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Happy birthday to my dear ichiban, my love, my hubby Sakurai Sho..hope you have a nice birthday..
Thanks for being part of my life for 6 years..
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Looks like i have fall in love with kisumai song from AAO single, Novel.
but don't worry, I still love Arashi more xD

I try to google the romaji lyrics..but unfortunately, i can't find it..only kanji lyrics..so i decided to translate the kanji lyrics to romaji using google translate..the kanji lyrics i take from jpopasia.com [here]

so, here's the romaji lyrics for Kis-My-Ft2 - Novel..its a great song..sorry if there's mistakes..i'm only using google translate >_<

Kis-My-Ft2 - Novel (Romaji lyrics)

Naite waratta hibi ni itsu demo kimi ga itakara
Yappari kyou mo furete itai yo sono te ni

Yozora ni saku ano hoshitachi no you ni
Futari no mirai wo terasu akari wa
Zutto kesazu ni iru kara

Hanasanai you ni poketto no naka
Nukumori de mamotte
Futari de mekuru tsugi no peeji
Kimi to aruku mirai ni naru
Egao mo tsuyogari mo
Kore kara zenbu kakishirushite
Yume janai sekai bokura no kiseki
Mirai kara mieru you ni

Matataku hoshi ni kimi to hitomi wo tojite negatta
Onaji keshiki omoi egakete iru ka na

Haya aruki de ureshi sou na kimi no
Yokogao wo miteru tada sore dake de
Chotto egao ni naru kara

Atataka na kyori wo poketto no naka
Nukumori de mamotte
Kimi no tonari de kanaete iku
Hitotsu hitotsu mirai ni naru
'Arigatou' mo 'suki' mo
Kore kara zenbu kakishirushite
Yume janai ima wo bokura no koe wo
Nando demo sagaseru you ni

Nani genai kotoba no yaritori de
Sukoshi zutsu tsumuida
Bokura no monogatari wo kono mama tsunagou

Hanasanai you ni poketto no naka
Nukumori de mamotte
Futari de mekuru tsugi no peeji
Kimi to aruku mirai ni naru
Egao mo tsuyogari mo
Korekara zenbu kakishirushite
Yume janai sekai bokura no kiseki
Mirai kara mieru you ni
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I haven't post anything to my journal since started my life as university student..isogashii na~~
i even didn't do the member birthday post to my journal like a usually do..gomen ne..feels like i'm a bad fan :(

rules breaking issues again??why there is some stupid fans breaking fansubbers rules?the rules is not difficult.very simple...NO STREAMING, NO REPOST, NO SHARING, DON'T REUPLOAD..i really don't understand these people..for me, they just want a fame out of people hardwork..these kind of people is a jerk..you don't deserve to call yourself an Arashi fan..you're only put our fandom in danger..

please appreciate fansubbers hardwork..without them, we can't watch and understand Arashi bangumi..especially foreign fans..subbing is not an easy work..it requires lots of work..but fansubbers didn't ask anything in return for us to take their subbed videos..they only asked to follow the rules..

really sad that this things happen again..to fansubber, please don't close your community..please don't stop subbing and sharing just because of certain stupid people..i know there are many yasashii Arashi fan who always support you..and they will be sad if there is community stop subbing and sharing Arashi subbed videos to us..whatever what happen we're always support you...ganbatte~~!! ^_^

#sorry for my bad english >_<
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sho 32 bday copy edits

Happy 32nd birthday to my ichiban, my love, my hubby dear Sakurai Sho..
times flies ne~~
i feel like just wish your 31st birthday few months ago..but now you already 32..
and i'll turn 23 this year..opposite of your age ne XDDD

okay,back to topic..no matter what age you are, i'll always love you no matter what happen..
please take care of your health..you are the busiest among Arashi..
you have wonderful smile that makes my heart melt..your body is so hot that makes me goes hentai XDD even you have nadegata but i like your body..your love to fan, your yasashii, that makes fans love you so much <3

happy 32nd birthday my love Sho-kun..otanjoubi omedetou ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
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otanjoubi omedetou to animals best friend, sunshine boy, miracle boy , AIBA MASAKI!!!

happy 31st birthday!!!

gomen ne, i haven't done anything for you just like other birthday post..so busy with studying..
but i still want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY..love you <3
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OHNO 33RD BDAY copy edit

despite of my busy life as student, i can't forget about our cute and funny riida, Ohno Satoshi..

otanjoubi omedetou!!!
even u are 33, but i still can't think u as a 33 year old XDDD
even u never done anything leader like, but u always be the leader those 4 and Arashist..
love u <3

once again, happy 33rd birthday!!!

Happy 5x14

Sep. 15th, 2013 08:21 pm
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5x10 sketch edits

Dear Arashi,
u have been part of my life for almost 4 years..
and you really changed my life..
because of u,u always cheer me up whenever i'm sad and frustrated..
it's like u've been there for me whenever people don't understand how hurt is my feeling..
u also gives me courage to always do my best and never give up..
u gave me a hope whenever i failed..
it's like u said to me "ganbatte..don't give up...it is not over.."
and it really gives me courage..

more than that,
i have met a wonderful fandom..
even i never met them in person, only in fb,
but i know arashist are yasashii..
all because of u, ARASHI..
that is the power of STORM..

kore kara mo, itsumo arigatou gozaimasu..
please continue to creating a STORM all over a world..
i will never leave this fandom and of course it is impossible for me to stop loving u, ARASHI  

happy 5x14 <3
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jun 30th bday 2 copy

Otanjoubi omedetou MatsuJun!!!
you are my first love in Arashi <3
thanks for introduced Arashi to me..
welcome to 30s XDDD
no matter how old are you, i'll always love you..
you're always be my  Arashi first love, my domyouji, my prince, my first Arashi ichiban (now my ichiban is Sho-kun..gomen XPPP)
without you, i might never become an Arashist..
thank you so much ^_^
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nino 30th birthday copy

To my Arashi niban, Ninomiya Kazunari;

Happy 30th birthday!!Even you are 30 but you always be a forever 17 brat to Arashist..
Thanks for everything..
Have a nice birthday..Love you <3
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sho-kun 31 no tanjoubi copy

it's my ichiban no tanjoubi!!!!!kyaaaa~~~
i just edit this..it's not so good...last minute job ne...so busy these days..

anyway, i like to wish happy 31st birthday to my ichiban, my love, my hubby, my everything..no matter how old are you, i will always love you..
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tv fan_0012

aibakawaii has turned 30!!!omedetou!!!!
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Happy 32th birthday riida!!!
love u..
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everything i see I think of Arashi..
all things is Arashi...
everything is ARASHI....
i guess I LOVE THEM SO MUCH <3 <3 <3
really can't help myself :)

My stationary

Even in my friends handmade birthday card, I did this even she is not an Arashist

theres so many things i see i think of Arashi but i didn't took the picture of it...i'm sure all Arashist experience the same thing LOL

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this might be late but i still want to wish OTANJOUBI OMEDETOU to Matsumoto Jun... love u <3

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Japanese man that took my heart since I'm addicted to J-Drama

1. Oguri Shun (2008)

fall in love with him in Hana Kimi. The very first Japanese man that i loved.

2. Tamaki Hiroshi (2009)

I like him in Nodame Cantabile. He not really that handsome (sorry to his fan *bow*) but i like him.

3. Matsumoto Jun (middle 2010)

He's the one who introduced Arashi to me. I like him since i watched Hana Yori Dango. He's perfect for Inoue Mao. Arigatou Jun-kun for introduce Arashi to me.

3. Sakurai Sho (middle 2011)

He is my ichiban!!!love him so much...i like him since i watched Yamada Tarou Monogatari..he completely took my heart away when i hear 'kono mama motto' and then replace Jun place as my ichiban...he's the one make me said one statement "i want to marry a Japanese man..kyaaa~"

4.Arashi (2011-present)

i don't know which one that i like first beside Jun and Sho..I think i like them all simultaneously!!!!They're awesome!!!!

This is how i like Japanese man and Arashi...there's many more Japanese man that i like....such as Ikuta Toma, Mizushima Hiro, Hayami Mokomichi etc..I like Japanese so much <3

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otanjobi omedetou Ninomiya Kazunari..even you already 29 but you always look 17 to me..

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I'm mimi from Malaysia..I'm still new in LJ. Still learning..

Arashi is my interest, obsession, my everything. My ichiban is Sho Sakurai <3

I'm in Arashi fandom since 2010..although its still new but Arashi already part of my life.They have change my life..
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