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Happy birthday to my dear ichiban, my love, my hubby Sakurai Sho..hope you have a nice birthday..
Thanks for being part of my life for 6 years..
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sho 32 bday copy edits

Happy 32nd birthday to my ichiban, my love, my hubby dear Sakurai Sho..
times flies ne~~
i feel like just wish your 31st birthday few months ago..but now you already 32..
and i'll turn 23 this year..opposite of your age ne XDDD

okay,back to topic..no matter what age you are, i'll always love you no matter what happen..
please take care of your health..you are the busiest among Arashi..
you have wonderful smile that makes my heart melt..your body is so hot that makes me goes hentai XDD even you have nadegata but i like your body..your love to fan, your yasashii, that makes fans love you so much <3

happy 32nd birthday my love Sho-kun..otanjoubi omedetou ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)
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otanjoubi omedetou to animals best friend, sunshine boy, miracle boy , AIBA MASAKI!!!

happy 31st birthday!!!

gomen ne, i haven't done anything for you just like other birthday post..so busy with studying..
but i still want to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY..love you <3
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OHNO 33RD BDAY copy edit

despite of my busy life as student, i can't forget about our cute and funny riida, Ohno Satoshi..

otanjoubi omedetou!!!
even u are 33, but i still can't think u as a 33 year old XDDD
even u never done anything leader like, but u always be the leader those 4 and Arashist..
love u <3

once again, happy 33rd birthday!!!
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jun 30th bday 2 copy

Otanjoubi omedetou MatsuJun!!!
you are my first love in Arashi <3
thanks for introduced Arashi to me..
welcome to 30s XDDD
no matter how old are you, i'll always love you..
you're always be my  Arashi first love, my domyouji, my prince, my first Arashi ichiban (now my ichiban is Sho-kun..gomen XPPP)
without you, i might never become an Arashist..
thank you so much ^_^
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nino 30th birthday copy

To my Arashi niban, Ninomiya Kazunari;

Happy 30th birthday!!Even you are 30 but you always be a forever 17 brat to Arashist..
Thanks for everything..
Have a nice birthday..Love you <3
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sho-kun 31 no tanjoubi copy

it's my ichiban no tanjoubi!!!!!kyaaaa~~~
i just edit this..it's not so good...last minute job ne...so busy these days..

anyway, i like to wish happy 31st birthday to my ichiban, my love, my hubby, my everything..no matter how old are you, i will always love you..
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tv fan_0012

aibakawaii has turned 30!!!omedetou!!!!


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