Aug. 12th, 2014

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I haven't post anything to my journal since started my life as university student..isogashii na~~
i even didn't do the member birthday post to my journal like a usually do..gomen ne..feels like i'm a bad fan :(

rules breaking issues again??why there is some stupid fans breaking fansubbers rules?the rules is not difficult.very simple...NO STREAMING, NO REPOST, NO SHARING, DON'T REUPLOAD..i really don't understand these people..for me, they just want a fame out of people hardwork..these kind of people is a don't deserve to call yourself an Arashi're only put our fandom in danger..

please appreciate fansubbers hardwork..without them, we can't watch and understand Arashi bangumi..especially foreign fans..subbing is not an easy requires lots of work..but fansubbers didn't ask anything in return for us to take their subbed videos..they only asked to follow the rules..

really sad that this things happen fansubber, please don't close your community..please don't stop subbing and sharing just because of certain stupid people..i know there are many yasashii Arashi fan who always support you..and they will be sad if there is community stop subbing and sharing Arashi subbed videos to us..whatever what happen we're always support you...ganbatte~~!! ^_^

#sorry for my bad english >_<


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